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Bar Ilan Software Support - The Hebrew Virtual Keyboard

Bar Ilan Software Support: The Hebrew Keyboard


If you are not familiar with the Hebrew keyboard, you can enter Hebrew text by using a phonetic keyboard or a virtual keyboard.

    To access the phonetic keyboard (in either English or Hebrew Windows), click Keyboard from the Tools menu, and then Phonetic. 

    To use the virtual keyboard:

1.    From the Search or Find screens, click the virtual keyboard icon  next to the query bar. A picture of the virtual keyboard will be displayed.

2.    Click the letters on the virtual keyboard to enter Hebrew text .

3.    When you are finished entering this text, click the virtual keyboard icon again or click the X at the corner of the virtual keyboard. The virtual keyboard will disappear.

•    The layout of the virtual keyboard — standard Hebrew-English, phonetic English, or phonetic French — is the same as the layout you chose for the actual computer keyboard.
To change this layout, click Tools, then Keyboard, and then select the keyboard of your choice.

Standard Hebrew-English Keyboard

Phonetic Keyboard (English)

Phonetic Keyboard (French)

לתמיכה בפרוייקט השו"ת בעברית
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