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פרוייקט השו
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Bar Ilan Responsa 18 User's guide

What’s New in Responsa 18

Chapter 1   Installing Responsa
Chapter 2   A Quick Tour of Responsa
Chapter 3   Responsa Basics
Chapter 4   Searching
Chapter 5   Specifying Variants in Search Requests
Chapter 6   Working With Previous Searches
Chapter 7   Displaying Search Results
Chapter 8   Displaying Texts of Your Choice
Chapter 9   Working With Responsa Windows
Chapter 10   Hypertext
Chapter 11   Personal Notes and links
Chapter 12   Printing
Chapter 13   Saving
Chapter 14   Special Features
Chapter 15   Responsa Indexes
Chapter 16   Customizing Responsa
Appendix A   The Hebrew Keyboard
Appendix B   System Requirements

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