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 Looking for information about a Torah topic? Want to locate the source of an obscure quote in the Talmud? Or perhaps you’d like to look at a midrash which you don’t have at home? Then welcome to the Bar Ilan Responsa Project , the largest collection of Torah texts ever recorded electronically, accompanied by an easy-to-use yet sophisticated search program, which makes locating information and displaying material from hundreds of classic Torah texts a snap! Specifically, with Responsa you can:

•    Search for a word, phrase, or ex pression in hundreds of Torah texts. You can also search for a wide variety of variant forms, specify distances between search components, etc.
•    Display on screen hundreds of classic Torah texts
•    Print your search results and other Torah texts of your choice
•    Save your search results and other texts, so you can view them or print them later with a word processor
•    Display biographies of hundreds of responsa authors and other Torah scholars from medieval times to the present
•    Calculate the gematria of any ex pression of your choice, and find biblical verses or ex pressions with the equivalent gematria
•    Compare parallel Torah texts
•    Display Torah texts which cite other texts or which are referred to by other Torah texts with the click of a mouse (hypertext)
•    Look up abbreviations in an online dictionary
    Even if you have no previous computer experience, you’ll find it easy to master Responsa. Just take a few minutes to read the “Quick Tour of Responsa” and the discussion of “Responsa Basics” below, and before you know it you’ll be using Responsa like a pro!

לתמיכה בפרוייקט השו"ת בעברית
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