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Bar Ilan Software Support - Chapter 12 Printing

Bar Ilan Software Support Chapter 12


To print search results or other Bar Ilan Responsa texts:

1.    From the File menu of the window whose contents you want to print, choose the appropriate option from the following chart:

To print Do this
 All the search results or the entire passage of text, even if not currently displayed on screen  Bar Ilan Software on Flash Drive  Click Print and then All, or click  
 Only the current window  Click Print and then Window
 Selected search results  After selecting the results you want to print, click Print, All, or click the print icon
 Selected search results in the current window  After selecting the results you want to print, click Print, and then Window
 Selected text in a text display window or expanded search results window  After selecting the text you want to print, click Print, and then Highlight
 The contents of several Responsa windows  From the Window menu, click Window Manager. Then select the desired windows and click Print (to print all the text) or Print Text in the Window (to print only the text currently displayed in the window).



















 In the Bar Ilan Responsa Project some texts include notes , whether notes provided by the authors and editors of these texts, such as the notes in the Talmudic Encyclopedia, or personal notes. If you want to print these notes as endnotes to the relevant text, choose File, then Print, and then the desired option - Highlight With Notes, Window With Notes, All With Notes.
  Hyperli nked cross-references appearing in Bar Ilan Responsa texts will also be printed as endnotes if you choose one of these options. Thus, if you print notes from the Talmud Bavli, the text of the Talmud will be printed, followed by the text of the biblical verses cited in the Talmud and the rulings of the Rambam and the Shulchan Aruch on the relevant talmudic passage, since all of these sources appear as hyperli nks in Responsa's Talmud text.
    When printing the text of the Shulchan Aruch, you can omit references to supercommentaries on this work (for example, the Shach) by clicking the Do not print references to commentaries on Shulchan Aruch checkbox.
    You can preview the text you want to print by clicking File, then Print Preview.
    If your printout didnt come out the way you wanted, try altering  Bar Ilan Software Responsas print settings (see below).

Printing Multiple Texts Consecutively Without Page Breaks

To print the contents of several Responsa windows in a particular order without page breaks between them:

1.    From the Window menu, click Window Manager.

2.    Click the More button if it is not already displayed.

3.    Click the titles of the windows you want to print.

4.    Arrange the texts you want to print in the desired order by dragging the page icons next to the relevant window titles up or down.

    To facilitate distinguishing between different types of windows, in the Bar Ilan Software Program different types of icons have been used to mark search windows Bar Ilan Responsa , text windows Bar Ilan Responsa , and windows with highlighted text  Bar Ilan Responsa.
5.    Click Print Continuously.

6.    Click the desired printing options (All, Text in Window, Highlighted Text), and then click OK or press ENTER.

Print Settings

    If your printout didnt come out correctly  for example, if your printer isnt equipped for printing Hebrew (because it doesnt have Hebrew ROM or a Hebrew font cartridge), or if you want to change other features of the printout (e.g., margins, page length)  then you have to change the Bar Ilan Responsas print settings.

    To change print settings:

1.    From the Tools menu, click Options.

2.    Click the Print tab.

3.    Alter the options you want to change, and then click OK.

    If your printer has Hebrew ROM or a Hebrew print cartridge, its generally advisable to choose non-graphic printing. Otherwise, choose graphics printing.
  Texts are not necessarily printed in the same font in which they are displayed on screen. Accordingly, you may have to change the printer font to make sure that your printout comes out correctly (see below).

Changing Printer Fonts

    To change the printer font in your Bar Ilan Responsa Program (this applies only if youre using graphic printing for example, if youre using a laser printer):

1.    From the Tools menu, click Options.

2.    Click the Print tab.

3.    Click the Font button.

4.    Select the desired font, font style, and size. (Make sure to choose a Hebrew font!)

5.    Click OK.

6.    Click the ANSI/224 box if youre using a font located at ANSI 224 (most Hebrew fonts for Windows are located at ANSI 224); otherwise, clear this box.

7.    Click OK.

    To make sure that English printer fonts are the same size as Hebrew printer fonts, in the Bar Ilan Responsa Program CD click Tools, then Options, then Print, then Change in Hebrew font size will also change English font size. Then click OK.

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