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Using Bar Ilan Responsa, you can locate not only particular words and phrases — for example, if you want to track down the exact source or wording of a particular quote — but also varied combinations of words and phrases (for example, if you’re interested in researching a topic).

    Moreover,Bar Ilan Project lets you determine not only what you want to search for, but how to search for it.

    Specifically,  the Responsa Project lets you determine:

•    what books or databases will be searched
•    what kind of search you want to perform — simple, regular, or advanced
•    what words or combinations of words to find. Thus, you can search for specific words or phrases,in Bar ilan CD as well as complex combinations of words and phrases, such as forms with prefixes and suffixes, forms from a common root, etc. Likewise, you can filter out unwanted results in the course of a search, or work with past search results in various unwanted forms ways.
    Each of these aspects of searching is discussed in the following chapter.

לתמיכה בפרוייקט השו"ת בעברית
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