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Bar Ilan Software Support - Chapter 13 Saving

Bar Ilan Software Support Chapter 13


    To save Bar Ilan Responsa CD texts and search results to ordinary text files, which can then be displayed or edited with a word processor:

1.    From the File menu of the relevant window, choose the appropriate option:

To save Do this
All the search results or the entire passage of text, even if not currently displayed on screen Click Save, then All, or click http://www.judaismshop.com/judaismimages/support/Save-Icon-13A.jpg   (the Save icon)
Only the current window Click Save, and then Window
Selected search results After selecting the results you want to save, click Save, and then All
Selected text in text windows or expanded display windows Click Save, and then Highlight
The contents of several Responsa windows From the Window menu, click Window Manager, and then select the windows you want to save. Then click Save (to save all the text) or Save the text in the Window (to save only the text currently displayed in the window).




















Type the name of the file in which you want to save your results.

3.    Click OK.

    If you had already saved text in a file with the same name,the Bar Ilan Responsa prompts you to do one of the following:

   Append the new text (or search results) to the existing file without erasing its contents
   Replace the existing file
    Click the option of your choice to proceed.

•    If the text doesn’t come out right in your word processor, try altering Bar Ilan Responsa’s file-saving options or your word processor’s conversion options, and then save the text again.
•    Some texts include notes, whether notes provided by the authors and editors of these texts, such as the notes in the Talmudic Encyclopedia, or personal notes. If you want to save these notes as footnotes to the relevant text (for example, to paste into a Word file), choose File, then Save, and then the desired option - Highlight With Notes, Window With Notes, All With Notes.
•    Hyperlinked cross-references appearing in Responsa texts will also be saved as footnotes if you choose one of these options. Thus, if you choose to save notes from a page of the Talmud Bavli, the text of the biblical verses cited in the Talmud and the rulings of the Rambam and the Shulchan Aruch on the relevant talmudic passage will be saved as footnotes, since these sources appear as hyperli nks in Bar Ilan CD Responsa's Talmud text.
•    If you want to copy selected text from expanded display windows or text windows to a Windows application, it’s generally better to copy and paste the text directly into that application, rather than saving it as described above.
•    Some texts include notes of various sorts. To decide whether or not to save these notes, choose Save, then Highlight/Window/All, and then With Notes or Without Notes.
•    When saving the text of the Shulchan Aruch, you can omit references to supercommentaries on this work (for example, the Shach) by clicking the Do not include references to commentaries on Shulchan Aruch checkbox.

File Saving Options

    If texts which you saved with the Bar Ilan Responsa Project are not displayed correctly in your word-processor (e.g., if the text is displayed from left to right instead of from right to left), try altering Responsa’s file saving options:

1.    From the Tools menu, click Options.

2.    Click the Save tab.

3.    Click the button next to the word processor of your choice. If your word processor is not listed, click Other, and then Options. Choose the appropriate file saving options from the table (if you’re not sure which options to select, you may have to experiment a bit).

4.    Click OK.

•    Altering Bar Ilan Responsa’s file saving options affects only future attempts at saving. Accordingly, you will have to save your text again to make sure that it comes out correctly.
•    Responsa usually saves text in regular ASCII/ANSI files, and not in actual word processor files. Therefore, even after altering file saving options, you might have to edit the saved text somewhat or alter the file conversion options of your word processor (see below) to make sure that the text comes out correctly.
•    If you use a Windows word-processor, you can preserve the original on-screen formatting, including colors and fonts, by choosing Rich Text Format from the Save options. (It’s advisable to save files as Rich Text Format if your operating system is Windows 2000, NT, or XP

Word Processor Settings

  If Bar Ilan Responsa texts aren’t displayed correctly in your word processor even after altering Responsa’s file saving options, try altering the file conversion options of your word processor:

Word Processor Options to alter
Word (Hebrew) Select Open as Hebrew Document, and choose Text Only conversion


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